English Tour at the UNO City Vienna

English Tour at the UNO City Vienna

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On the 15th of May the classes 7A and 7B went on a guided English tour at the UNO City in Vienna.

It is one of four headquarters of the United Nations worldwide. It is a place for international diplomacy and cooperation, housing various UN agencies and organizations. UNO City is a platform for global discussions, negotiations for issues ranging from peacekeeping and human rights to sustainable development and climate change. It stands as a symbol of the collective efforts from over 193 nations for global challenges.

Austria built the Vienna International Centre in 1973 for over 380 million Euros and is renting this property for only 7 cents. Since then one whole building complex had to be added and the UNO city expanded. The VIC is open for visitors and as a student you can explore interesting exhibitions.

Many thanks to Prof. Dalton, Prof. Steinhuber and Prof. M. Kriegleder for organising this trip!

Bruno & Leon, 7B