Sprachreise nach Canterbury (OStR Prof. Mag. Mikula, Prof. Mag. Walcher)
07.09.2014 – 19.09.2014

Sprachreise nach Canterbury (OStR Prof. Mag. Mikula, Prof. Mag. Walcher)

From 7th to 19th September 2014 we, 6B and 6A, went to Canterbury to improve our English. We stayed in groups of two with host families who took good care of us and provided us not only with food, but also with a good knowledge of English and every-day life in England. The whole language trip was extremely well-organised, the programme was highly interesting every day. We spent our mornings with two lessons at Concorde International School. We had many different teachers with different areas of specialization. The afternoons were dedicated to culture and leisure, e.g. guided tours through Canterbury, excursions to Dover Castle and Greenwich, visits to museums, a boat tour, and, of course, two days in London!

All of us have profited from the combination of information, school and leisure activities and we certainly had a lot of fun, too. We have the feeling that we have polished up our English. Practice makes perfect - as the British say.

We are very grateful for having been given this opportunity and we will remember the experience for the rest of our lives. Our special thanks go to Prof. Mikula and Prof. Walcher who stood firmly behind us and accompanied us for twelve days which passed much too fast!

Donald Philp (6B)